The 105-Year-Old Blogger

Every country and its times are unique, and its stories are worth capturing. I can clearly remember Canada’s centennial year, so if I live to be 105, I’ll have seen Canada’s entire second century. If I’m going to chronicle what that looks like, I’d better start now.

Here, in chronological order, my capture of Canada’s second century:

The 60s

Vignette: A 60s Slice of Quebec Life

1967: Expo 67

1968: The Trudeau Era

Vignette: 60s Demographics

The 70s

Vignette: 70s-style innovations

1970: The October Crisis

1973: The times without contemporary technology

1976: Montreal and its Big Event

1976 Continued: Change is in the air in Quebec

The 80s

1988: A brief moment in time in telephone tech

1988: More telephone tech

The zero years

Four elections in seven years

The 10s

2015: How I was feeling about the latest Canadian election

2015: More thoughts about politics

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