Vignette: Demographics 101

My family attended St. Barnabas, St. Lambert’s Anglican Church. Sometime in the late 60s, my two sisters and I decided to join the junior choir. This choir, made up of children and teenagers, sang the full Book of Common Prayer liturgy, led the congregation authoritatively in all the hymns, and performed a weekly anthem in... Continue Reading →

Book Review: What Defines Us

On February 15, 1965, the new Canadian flag was raised for the first time on Parliament Hill. Of more immediate relevancy to my family, it was also raised – later in the year – over the Sarnia city hall. That’s where we lived. On that summer day, Mom and Dad and their four little children,... Continue Reading →

Ruth’s Christmas Story

My Mother-in-law, Ruth Rath, wrote this article for her church newsletter 14 years ago. I've always liked this interesting peek into the kind of Christmas her Welland-based family enjoyed.   When I was growing up in the '30s and '40s, our Christmas routine never seemed to change. Amid great excitement on Christmas Eve we each searched... Continue Reading →

Soffie’s Story

My friend Soffie Smith was a little girl when she came to Canada. Her parents arrived in Toronto on March 6, 1968, and worked for 9 months to save money so their children could join them. In December, Soffie’s father flew to Guyana and brought her and her two older brothers back to Canada with... Continue Reading →

The Trudeau Era (Aka: My Childhood)

My parents kept our TV-viewing very limited; so if the television was on and I was allowed to watch it, that’s where I’d be. It didn’t matter if the show was boring like “The Galloping Gourmet” or uninterpretable like “Monty Python”, that little black and white screen was too enticing for me to pass up. One... Continue Reading →

Vignette: A 60s Slice of Quebec Life

Montréal Here We Be Mom tells me that when we first arrived in Montréal, I spent the first couple of weeks cheerfully asking “When are we going home?” My 4-year-old mind somehow remembered summer vacations when we reliably returned to Sarnia, Ontario. This time, we left Sarnia and never went back. We settled in the... Continue Reading →

Expo 67: Centennial Party

When I arrived in Montréal in 1965 – age 4 – the city was in the throes of preparation for a big party. I know this because my parents took us to a high point on the bank of the St. Lawrence River to see the mid-river construction site. I clearly recall the distant panorama... Continue Reading →

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